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    Astrological Study of Natural Disasters
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    LAHIRI'S Ephemeris 2018 of Planets Position According to NIRAYANA or SIDERAL SYSTEM

    Rs 150
    Lahiri's Ephemeris 2018
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    Huge stock of Astrology books and magazines in different languages.

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    Exclusive range of Tarot Books and Cards and how to use the tarot cards for personal guidance.(OSHO ZEN TAROT now available)

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Vedic Nadi Secrets In Sastriya Jyotisa

Vedic Nadi Secrets In Sastriya Jyotisa ...

Rs.999 Rs.890Save: 11% off
Shukra Dasha Phaldeepika

Shukra Dasha Phaldeepika...

Rs.550 Rs.520Save: 5% off
Shani Dasha Phaldeepika

Shani Dasha Phaldeepika...

Rs.550 Rs.495Save: 10% off
Brihaspati Dasha Phaldeepika

Brihaspati Dasha Phaladeepika...

Rs.500 Rs.480Save: 4% off
Anguthe se Bhavishiya Gyan

Anguthe se Bhavishiya Gyan जाप ...

Himalaya Ke Siddha Yogi

Himalaya Ke Siddha Yogi...

Rs.450 Rs.399Save: 11% off


Rs.165 Rs.154Save: 7% off
Hast Rekha

Hast Rekha...

Rs.135 Rs.115Save: 15% off
Astanga Hardayam of Srimadvagbhata (Hindi) 3 vol. Set

Astanga Hardayam of Srimadvagbhata (Hin...

Nakshatra Jyotish Awam Rog Cuspal Interlinks And Sub Sub Theory

Nakshatra Jyotish Awam Rog Cuspal Inter...

Rs.225 Rs.215Save: 4% off
Predict With Saptamsha

Predict With Saptamsha Saptamsha is the...

Rs.300 Rs.279Save: 7% off
Vishvavijaya Panchang - Solan Wale 2018-2019 (Hindi)

Vishvavijaya Panchang - Solan Wale 2018...

Bengali Panchang-Vishuddha Siddhanta Panjika 1425

Bengali Panchang-Vishuddha Siddhanta Pa...

Jatak Nirnay (Vol. 1-II):How To Judge A Horoscope

Jatak Nirnay (Vol. 1-II):How To Judge A...

Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya Neeti Chanakya Neeti is a book...


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Bengali Panchang-Vishuddha Siddhanta Panjika 1421

Bengali Panchang-Vishuddha Siddhanta Pa...

Upaya Bhagyodaya - Remedial Measures

Upaya Bhagyodaya A textbook on Remedial...

Rs.250 Rs.225Save: 10% off
Sri Dhan Dhanya Sidhi - Remedial

Sri Dhan Dhanya Sidhi...

Rs.200 Rs.180Save: 10% off
Kismat Ke Anmol Ratan (Gems & Stone) Remedial

Kismat Ke Anmol Ratan Revealing the pow...

Rs.150 Rs.139Save: 7% off
Rashiyan Bolti Hai Nadi Jyotish

Rashiyan Bolti Hai Nadi Jyotish...

Rs.150 Rs.135Save: 10% off
Shani Grah Ka Anugrah-Shanidosh Nivaran

Shani Grah Ka Anugrah-Shanidosh Nivaran...

Rs.175 Rs.158Save: 10% off
Predictive Stellar Astrology - KP (Third Reader) (Paperback)


Vimshottari Dasha Adharbhut Sutra

Vimshottari Dasha Adharbhut Sutra...

Rs.325 Rs.290Save: 11% off

Monthly Specials For May

Timeless Leadership: 18 Leadership Sutras

Timeless Leadership: 18 Leadership Sutr...

Rs.415 Rs.392Save: 6% off
Byculla to Bangkok

Byculla to Bangkok After the huge succe...

Rs.295 Rs.250Save: 15% off
Supertraits of Superstars : Success Secrets of Bollywood

Supertraits of Superstars : Success Sec...

Rs.195 Rs.175Save: 10% off
Indias Muslim Spring : Why is Nobody Talking about It?

A new publication may tell you all you ...

Rs.395 Rs.352Save: 11% off
A Never - Before World : Tracking the Evolution of Consumer Indi

A Never - Before World : Tracking the E...

Rs.699 Rs.598Save: 14% off
250 Se Zaida Pareshaniyon ke Jadui Upai (remedial Measures)

250 Se Zaida Pareshaniyon ke Jadui Upai...

Rs.250 Rs.225Save: 10% off
Upai Martand (Remedial Measures)

Upai Martand (Remedial Measures)...

Rs.175 Rs.160Save: 9% off
Numerology With Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology

Numerology In this book, Numerology Wit...

Rs.899 Rs.721Save: 20% off

Yoga Based on original Sanskrit sources...

Rs.499 Rs.478Save: 4% off
Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound - Free CD Inside

Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound “...

Rs.699 Rs.689Save: 1% off
Palmistry ke Gun Rahesya

Palmistry ke Guan Rahesya...

Rs.250 Rs.229Save: 8% off
Grahon Ka roop aur prabhav

Grahon Ka swaroop aur prabhav...

Rs.120 Rs.109Save: 9% off
Rajasthan for the Indian Traveller

Rajasthan for the Indian Traveller Raja...

Rs.495 Rs.472Save: 5% off
Goa for the Indian Traveller

Goa for the Indian Traveller Swaying pa...

Rs.425 Rs.412Save: 3% off
India Travel Guide

India Travel Guide India bristles with ...

Rs.2280 Rs.2169Save: 5% off