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Laghu Parashari Essential for Solid base of Predictive Astrology

Laghu Parashari Essential for Solid base of Predictive Astrology

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  • Author: Manoj Kumar Dr
  • Published By:Alpha Publication
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Publication:2019
  • ISBN No: B083JM335C, B083JM335C

Laghu Parashari Essential for Solid base of Predictive Astrology ( With Anvay & Annotation of Original Verses )

Preface The original text 'Ududay Pradeep' is famous by the name of 'Laghu Parashari'. In this text, important verses have been enshrined and explained based on the Vimshottari Dasha. There are 42 verses in toto in Laghu Parashari in which apart from 5 verses of Preliminaries, the remaining 37 verses are based on Brihat Parashar Horashastra. Sage Parashar has mentioned three components for the results of dashas: 1. There are ordinary results as per the characteristics of planets which are influenced by the natural characteristics and significations of the planets. 2. There are specific results of the planets being the house lords or placed in a particular house. It means that the planets give specific result of the house which it owns. On the basis of it, the auspicious-inauspicious results are determined. 3. What will be the amount of result, is determined according to the strength of the planets. Laghu Parashari became much popular because it is concentrated on the 2nd point, out of the aforesaid three points. The description of the first point is given almost in every general text. The importance of the 3rd point alse becomes clear through Shadbala, the description of which IS found generally in all texts. The explanation of the 2ne point and the accumulation of the scientific formulae in precise is extraordinary in this text.


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