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Predict With Saptamsha

Predict With Saptamsha

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  • Author: VP Goel
  • Published By:Sagar Publications
  • Language: English
  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Year of Publication:2018
  • ISBN No: 8170822637, 9788170822639

Predict With Saptamsha
Saptamsha is the seventh division of the horoscope. It highlights the fifth house affairs of the horoscope. It underlines the affairs of seventh house and the marital activity which results in procreation. The saptamsha chart is seen for Poornata (complete fulfillment). Luck factor from past life (Poorvajanam Punya) and its impact on this life, children and grand children, Mantra Siddhi, speculation, students and disciples, prosperity of spouse, creativity and the realization of results. This chart shows the future generations. Each Sign is divided into seven equal parts called saptamsha. Each saptamsha measures 4° 17'8.57" (4 degrees, 17 minutes 8.57 seconds) For a planet in odd sign in the birth chart, the first saptamsha remains in the same sign. The next saptamsha goes to the next sign in direct order in D7 chart. For an even sign the planet placed in first saptamsha goes to the seventh sign from the sign occupied by it in D 1. The second saptamsha goes to the next sign to seventh in direct order and so on. This method of casting D7 chart is the Parashar method and is followed commonly.


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