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A Compendium on KP Astrology - Basic Rules and Applied Horoscope

A Compendium on KP Astrology - Basic Rules and Applied Horoscope

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  • Author: Bibhash Choudhary
  • Published By:Self Published
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Publication:2022
  • ISBN No: 9353212243, 9789353212247

A Compendium on KP Astrology - Basic Rules and Applied Horoscope

First of all, I welcome you and thank you for purchasing this book. Just imagine that you are able to know your future today. Consider the possibility that you know when will you get your job, when will you marry, when will you go overseas, what profits will you earn from business, when will you have child, etc. Wouldn’t that change things in your life? Let me take a practical example of accident case of my friend. This event was predicted in 5 minutes through KP System of Astrology. “It was Feb’2014 and I was looking into one of the Natal Chart. My wife asked me, what are you seeing so seriously, to which I replied that I foresee that the native may meet with an accident in the coming months. My wife then asked me when it will occur and whether there will be threat to his life. I looked at the chart and claimed that the accident will happen during the conjoined period of Kethu-Rahu-Rahu which will be from 06-06-2014 to 02-08-2014, but there will not be any threat to the life of native except for some post medical attentions.” You will be surprised to know that the actual outcome occurred on 17.06.2014 when the native met with an accident by sudden fall of glass door in his office and as predicted earlier, there was no threat to his life but post medical attention was required for one and a half months due to fracture of front tooth. This is the uniqueness and efficacy of KP Astrology. Now that you exactly know what this book is about, we can proceed further for knowing what is stored for your benefit and interest. Thanks once again for purchasing this book.


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