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Dictionary of Significators in Astrology

Dictionary of Significators in Astrology

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  • Author: Umang Taneja
  • Published By:Umang Taneja
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN No: 3278586700 , 9783278586704

Astrology is based on twelve Signs, twelve Houses, & twelve Planets. All other elements used in Astrology are either limbs or sub divisions of these Signs, Houses & Planets. There are countless living & nonliving beings in this Universe. To signify all these Astrologically we use these Signs, Houses & Planets. Everybody, in Astrology field know the significators of general terms used such as vehicle, property, money, travel etc. but it is impossible to remember significators for all in this Universe.

Astrology is a science. All sciences have principles & rules. In Astrology there is principle to delineate these significators. The principle applied to delineate these significators is explained in the book in detail.

Astrology is a science of similarities. This principle of Astrology is to be understood in detail to know how the significations of everything have been arrived at in the book. We take Sun as Significator of father (leading member of family), Prime Minister, King, President, Chief Minister etc. This is because all the planets have taken birth from the Sun & life on Earth can not be thought of without Sun.

Similarly Moon is siginificator of mother, emotions, liquids, all liquids etc. because it transfers sunlit to Earth, is cool & attracts liquids (effects of Moon on Sea & Oceans).Mars signifies aggressiveness, soldier, blood, arms etc. because it is red in colour. Mercury is very small & always remains close to the (father) therefore it is considered as "Prince" in the planetary cabinet & signifies students, youngsters, dependents, education, intellect etc. Venus is most beautiful planet therefore it signifies luxuries, beauty, comforts etc. Jupiter is the biggest of all the planets therefore it signifies respected people e.g. teacher, preacher, gurus, saints, rishis, elders of the society.Saturn is far off planet, cold & slow ; therefore it signifies old, outcast etc.Rahu & Ketu eclipse even the strongest luminary, Sun & do not posses any body.

They are shadowy planets therefore they signify disguised things, outcast & things not fit in social norms. Uranus is a planet, which signifies revolutions. The key word for Uranus is therefore revolutions. Uranus signifies all revolutions, revolutionary ideas or movements.

Neptune is psychic & therefore arises confusions among people. It signifies all confusions that results wars or wrong steps. Mars is a soldier & can kill, whereas Pluto believes in mass killings. Therefore mass destruction emerging out of earthquakes, cyclones, atomic explosions etc. & these phenomenon are signified by Pluto.

Similarly all Houses & Signs are signified in this manner.

In the book it has also been explained as to how a Machine or a system can be signified Astrologically. The book gives in exhaustive example of "Cooling System of Cars" to explain the same.

There are Significators & Sub-Significators too & they should be carefully analyzed before using them. For example Significator of an Air Conditioner is Venus since it is a luxurious item but its cooling is signified by Moon & heating by Ketu. The authors have also cautioned to use the Significators carefully. The meaning of the word should be known before checking its Significator from the book e.g. Significators of a Radiator, (which radiate radiation) are Neptune & Mars whereas Moon & Cancer signify the radiator of a motor vehicle.

To avoid all confusions a final picture of all the Significators of the words available in Dictionary & the Significators of important places, eatables, People, Gods etc. & are arranged in an alphabetical order in the book. This attempt will also avoid all the confusions, which arise due to contradictory statements of the old classics. Therefore, this is an essential book for all the students & practitioners of Astrology.


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