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Gambler's Dharma: Sports Betting with Vedic Astrology

Gambler's Dharma: Sports Betting with Vedic Astrology

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  • Author: Simon Chokoisky
  • Published By:Simon & Schuster
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Publication:2017
  • ISBN No: 1620555654, 9781620555651

Gambler's Dharma: Sports Betting with Vedic Astrology

Fixed, Mixed, and Take Your Pick

Finding the correct prediction also depends on karma. Everything that is born in space and time has a karmic signature, and in theory, that signature is open to being read using, among others, the techniques in this book. The easiest charts to read are those in which karma is relatively fixed. That means, despite the best efforts of players to the contrary, a certain result is indicated. This happens less often than you might think. Most charts, especially as you begin to study, will show good and bad for both sides. But the more practiced you become, the more you will discern where free will is at play and where games are relatively predestined. These are the games you count on as a sports investor.

In order to judge a natal chart properly, the rule of three is useful to remember:

1. If something happens once, it could be a coincidence

2. If something happens twice, it could be a pattern

3. If something happens three or more times, it is a pattern.

One swallow doth not a summer make. But when several indications point to an outcome, when a team is beleaguered on multiple sides--as indicated by the various techniques in this book--while the other team remains relatively affliction-free, you can venture to predict that game with better confidence.

In this book there are numerous charts that look eerily similar. In some of these the underdog wins, in others the favorite. I will show you how to spot the combinations accounting for subtle differences as well as how to transfer this to other areas of Vedic astrology, such as natal astrology.

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